Useful Links

The United States Patent and Trademark Office:
The USPTO is responsible for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks. The USPTO website contains an abundance of useful information on patents and trademarks as well as searchable databases.

The United States Copyright Office:
The United States Copyright Office is a branch of the Library of Congress, where copyright claims are registered and where documents relating to copyright may be recorded. The Copyright Office website contains links to information on copyright law and the procedures for registering copyrights or recording transfers as well as a searchable database of Copyright Office records.

World Intellectual Property Organization:
The WIPO is a specialized agency of the United Nations, dedicated to developing an international intellectual property system. The WIPO website contains detailed information about the various types of intellectual property assets.

International Trade Administration, United States Department of Commerce: was launched to provide helpful information about protecting intellectual property rights at home and abroad.

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure:
The TMEP is a manual published by the USPTO that describes the trademark application and examination process, the various types of trademarks and the rules governing the registration of marks.

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure:
The TBMP is a manual published by the USPTO that provides basic information regarding opposition and cancellation proceedings and the rules of practice.